Who we are

Having our recipes passed down from generation to generation and through countless hours in the kitchen, we at Blue Ribbon Cafe have perfected our recipes to bring a taste of the Philippines' finest cuisine across the Pacific to the Tristate Area. We are a family-run business--all with a passion for good food and great service. Whether you call Manila home or you're just looking for something new and different to eat, you are always welcome to join us for dinner... breakfast and lunch too.

Our Mission

Our Mission is Twofold:
1. To promote the awesomeness of Filipino food to those who haven't had the chance to experience it.
2. To help make our fellow Filipino Americans feel more at home.

Have a Tristate Area Event that Needs Catering?

Have a Tristate Area event that needs catering? Have a church meeting or get-together? Have a birthday or graduation party coming up? Have a picnic or community outing that you're planning? How about a Debut or Cotillion? No matter what kind of event you've got coming up, we're here to make sure that your hungry guests will be well-fed. Here at Blue Ribbon Cafe, we make it a priority to make sure Quality is never overshadowed by Quantity.

Along with all the tasty items you can see right here on this website we can also provide delicious gourmet cookies, pastries, fresh baked breads, cakes and even wedding cakes! Pretty much any sweet dessert you can think of! Our head baker has been trained at the French Culinary Institute and is available for consultation.

Let's get some Filipino!

New to Filipino Food? No problem! Sure, Filipino food might seem a bit different at first glance. But hey, at some point you've probably heard one of your friends say "Let's get some Mexican." Maybe you've heard a family member say "Let's get some Thai." Maybe you've heard someone around you craving sushi say "Let's get some Japanese." Maybe you've even said it yourself once or twice! Why not see what us Filipinos have to bring to the table? The Philippine Islands have a deep and rich culture full of warm people, surprisingly satisfying meals and a very innate sense of hospitality and an insatiable desire to make sure no stomach goes empty. So when you're in good company all figuring out what kind of takeout to get before watching the big game, why not get some Filipino?